Much of the work that /dev/color does towards maximizing the impact of Black software engineers is made possible through the support of our partners, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, Airbnb, Asana, Uber, and Collective Health. Our corporate partners believe deeply in /dev/color’s mission and are committed to corporate diversity. 

Many of our partnering companies have engineers participating in our A* program, which empowers Black software engineers to help one another achieve ambitious career goals. We work with our partners to share information about their efforts to attract and retain Black software engineers. If you'd like to discuss partnership, please send us a note to

Why /dev/color

In 2015, a group of Black software engineers came together to start /dev/color. We shared a common vision: to build a community of Black software engineers who help one another grow into industry leaders.

Impact in the technology industry

Black software engineers have historically faced challenges in reaching their full potential. We aim to ensure every Black software engineer has the community, access, empowerment and accountability to succeed.


/dev/color leaders and advisors are engineers, executives and investors with experience at companies including Facebook, Dropbox, Intuit, and Airbnb.


/dev/color partners with leading tech companies to reach the common goal of transforming the industry into a community that facilitates upward growth for all employees:

  • Our partners help support the black software engineering community: The A* program,  /dev/color’s one-year development initiative to help Black software engineers feel supported, reach their goals, and advance their careers.

  • We provide a framework for identifying career goals and setting milestones needed to meet them, positioning members for success and promotion to senior roles in their organizations.

  • We facilitate monthly small group meetings where members review goals, work through challenges, and learn from one another’s experiences.

  • We host events where members to build camaraderie, learn from industry leaders, and create lasting professional relationships.

  • Organizing black software engineers with partners: We help partners organize the Black software engineers who work at their company.

  • Executive exposure and leadership development: /dev/color invites partners' senior leaders to participate and learn best practices with senior black software engineers.

  • " The Guild" - The Technology Guild of Diversity and Inclusion. This, in part, consists of five diversity and inclusion roundtables where our partners send prominent representatives. The/dev/color roundtable was a meaningful opportunity to connect Silicon Valley companies for an open conversation about what is and isn’t working when it comes to promoting diversity.

  • Engineering Leadership Dinners: Our partners are able to equip their engineering managers alongside other engineering leaders and industry-leading black software engineers.

  • Actionable metrics: We help provide data to demonstrate impact and receive aggregated statistics of partners' black software engineers.

If you'd like to discuss partnership, please send us a note to

Donate a Space

Most /dev/color events take place in space generously donated by technology companies in the area. Our events are a great opportunity to support our member's growth and advancement while giving them a glimpse of the environment at your company. Learn more and see how you can get involved.

Sponsor an EIR

Engineering is at the core of everything we do at /dev/color. To that end, we invite members to spend 3 months working at our central office as an Engineer in Residence. This role provides our members a way to use all of their skills to help build /dev/color. There are two ways to sponsor an Engineer in Residence. Click below to learn how you can sponsor an EIR!