Silver Partners


Bronze Partners

Much of the work that /dev/color does towards maximizing the impact of Black software engineers is made possible through the support of our partners, Airbnb, Asana, Capital One, Clover, Github, Google, Pinterest, Quip, Reddit, Remix, Sequoia, Square, Twitter, and Uber. Our corporate partners believe deeply in /dev/color’s mission and are committed to corporate diversity. 

Many of our partnering companies have engineers participating in our A* program, which empowers Black software engineers to help one another achieve ambitious career goals. We work with our partners to share information about their efforts to attract and retain Black software engineers. 


If you'd like to discuss partnership, please send us a note to For more immediate ways to get involved, see our two options below.

Donate a Space

Most /dev/color events take place in space generously donated by technology companies in the area. Our events are a great opportunity to support our member's growth and advancement while giving them a glimpse of the environment at your company. Learn more and see how you can get involved.

Sponsor an EIR

Engineering is at the core of everything we do at /dev/color. To that end, we invite members to spend 3 months working at our central office as an Engineer in Residence. This role provides our members a way to use all of their skills to help build /dev/color. There are two ways to sponsor an Engineer in Residence. Click below to learn how you can sponsor an EIR!