Engineering is at the core of everything we do at /dev/color. To that end, we invite members to spend 3 months working at our central office as an Engineer in Residence. This role provides our members a way to use all of their skills to help build /dev/color. About half of their time is spent writing code for our internal portal and tools that keep the organization running. These tools allow members to seek help from one another and are the lifeblood of the organization. The second half of their time is spent working with our programming team to generate new ideas, giving feedback on existing programs, and making sure that the voice of the engineer is represented in everything that we do.

There are two ways to sponsor an EIR. If interest, please email

standalone sponsorship

The cost of bringing a member onboard for an EIR position is $20,000. You can donate this amount directly to /dev/color to pay the Engineer in Residence while they work with us. Engineers typically fill this role when transitioning between jobs.

engineer on leave

If you currently employ a member of /dev/color who would like to be an EIR, you can sponsor them by continuing their salary and benefits while they work with /dev/color. At the end of the EIR term, the engineer would return to your company and pick up where from where they left off.