A* Membership


Leveling up one software engineer at a time.


The A* Program is designed to encourage software engineers to leverage one another’s experiences, insights, and support to achieve ambitious goals.
Raising the bar in their workplaces and communities.

program benefits


career roadmap

Structured way for members to map career visions and track progress.


powerful network

Digital and in-person access to life-enhancing connections and support.


engaged peer groups

Meet regularly to share experiences and build relationships that fuel success.


Who’s eligible to become a member?

Simply put, this program is for people who ship code or manage others who do.


▸ Currently practicing full-time software engineer or engineering manager

▸ Living within a one-hour drive of one of our active regions

New York City, Seattle, Atlanta and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Ready to level up?


What to Expect


1-year commitment

Invest in yourself and your future with time and annual membership dues of $350.


Kick-off retreat

Connect with your chapter, receive leadership training and jumpstart your program.


Squad meetings

Monthly 2-3 hour meetings to provide you with support and hold you accountable.


member Events

Members are expected to participate in at least three events per year.

“I realized really quickly that everybody was willing to help one another out. Everyone was willing to come together to elevate everybody else.”

Rachal WALKEr
Engineer at InformedK12
A* MEMBER since 2016

We believe.

We believe that role models, learning opportunities, and the right network are key ingredients for success in software engineering.

We know.

We know that there are thousands of Black engineers that currently lack access to these resources.

We're changing things.

One Black software engineer at a time.



of 2018 A* members received a salary increase and/or title or level promotion


goals achieved in calendar year



female or


senior level managers


Apply to the Program


We’re excited to announce that the 2020 A* Program applications are now open. If you’re an eligible candidate, the time to apply is now. There’s no telling what heights you’ll reach with an entire community of supporters behind you.

Application deadline October 4, 2019.

Refer a Friend


If you have a colleague or friend who would make a good fit for the A* Program, please provide their information. We’ll reach out to inform them about the opportunities to connect, learn and grow through the 2020 A* Program.

After all, putting others on is the /dev/color way.