Thank you for your interest in applying to /dev/color's A* Program! The applications for our 2018 program is currently closed. Please sign up below if you would like to get notified when applications for NY and the SF Bay Area opens up in the Fall of 2018.


We are on a mission to create environments where Black software engineers can learn from one another and hold one another accountable for reaching ambitious career goals. We believe that role models, learning opportunities, and the right network are all key ingredients for success in software engineering. There are thousands of talented Black engineers that currently lack access to these resources. Our A* program aims to close these gaps by challenging engineers to learn from their peers and rise to the ambitious goals that they set, growing their impact in the workplace and in their communities.

Benefits of Membership

  • Opportunities to learn from peers with a shared background.
  • A framework of accountability will challenge you to set, and reach, ambitious career goals.
  • Access to a network of extremely talented Black software engineers and an extended network of industry leaders.

Requirements for Membership

Confirmed upon acceptance into the program, and yearly thereafter.

  • Currently practicing as a full-time software engineer or software engineering manager.
  • Living within a one-hour drive of one of our active regions (San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland and New York City).

Expectations of Members

  • A one-year commitment to attend a monthly, two-hour Squad meeting. Squads are groups for 6–10 A* members at similar stages in their careers. Squads set out a schedule at the start of the year and members are only permitted to miss one (1) meeting every 6 months. These meetings are the bedrock of A* membership and attendance is strictly required and enforced.
  • Attend January kickoff dinner and squad retreat. The program starts with 1 Friday evening kickoff event and 1 full-day weekend retreat with one’s squad. Both events are in January. Attendance at both is required.
  • Setting and sharing goals with fellow members. When you set ambitious goals, you create the possibility to achieve great things. When you share those goals with your peers, you give them the chance to help and support you. In the A* program, we expect all members to do both.
  • Desire to help your fellow Black software engineers. The power of the support network of /dev/color comes from peers. You will be expected to actively help your peers in formal and informal settings.
  • Desire to set and reach ambitious goals. A* members are doers. We will provide a framework for you to seek help and support from peers, but you must ultimately be driven to set your own goals and seek the help to accomplish them.


/dev/color is investing considerable resources in creating an environment for members to learn and grow, and we expect that members will, in turn, make a commitment to /dev/color.

  • An subscription fee of $200/year (billed as $50/quarter) is required for ongoing membership. This fee is a fraction of the resources the organization invests in the program, but it helps us be sustainable. 
  • For first-time members, the first fee is refundable if you find the program is not a good fit in your first 3 months.

Applications for 2019 will open next summer. Please sign up below to get notified when applications reopen in the Fall of 2018

If you believe you can add to this community, help others, and are committed to putting in the time and effort to do so, please submit your completed application. Your responses will help us match you to a squad that's the best fit for you.