We believe the world is a better place when we get the most out of each individual. Software engineers are uniquely positioned to improve the world—one programmer can design products that change millions of lives. Black software engineers have historically faced challenges in reaching their full potential. We ensure Black engineers fulfill the promise of their talents, transform the industry, and use their resulting skills and position to give back to their communities.


To empower Black software engineers to help one another grow into industry leaders


In 2015, a small group of Black engineers came together to start /dev/color. There were just eleven of us at the first meeting at a restaurant in San Francisco, but we all shared a common vision: to build a community of Black software engineers who helped one another reach ambitious career goals. Since then we’ve helped one another find new jobs, learn new technologies, start companies, and create a sense of belonging in Silicon Valley.

We were inspired to scale and grow our impact, for all black software engineers who are in the industry.

/dev/color, a non-profit organization, helps Black software engineers grow into industry leaders. We firmly believe that we, as Black software engineers, have a lot of agency in this. Our programs start with, and hold at their core, Black software engineers taking action themselves.


We wanted a place where we could learn from the best. 
We wanted a place where we could teach others the lessons we've learned.
We couldn't find that place anywhere else...so we made it for ourselves.